Friday, March 15, 2013

Making your home your dogs too

Me and my little guy

We can all agree we want our new dog to feel at home but we need to realize this doesn't happen over night.

Your brand new puppy isn't going to feel safe and secure those first few nights away from his mom but that doesn't mean it needs to stay that way.

As Neph's new parents, Derek and I took it upon ourselves to make our home, Neph's too.

Neph's room

We wanted him to feel comfortable and welcome ( and selfishly I wanted him to forget about his old life!)

Derek made him his own little play pen with a bed and his food dishes and a blanket. 

We got him a basket bed so he could curl up whenever he was tired.
He has a play area in our living room filled with his toys.
And a spot to sleep on our bed whenever he likes.

In his basket bed
But that is what being in our family means! 

Derek also took it upon himself to make Neph a nice set of stairs to get up on our bed.
It really is impressive!

I think what we have done is totally incorporated Neph into our lives.
It is so important that your new dog feels like he is apart of your family.

His new stairs
You need to take the time in the beginning to develop that close bond with him and ensure he knows he will be part of your family forever.


  1. I feel like the next post will be "knitting your dog slippers" But that is a seriously cute dog.

  2. He's so beautiful! He deserves the best treatment EVER!!!

  3. This dog is spoiled...but so cute! loving the stairs

  4. He is so cute! You are so lucky to have each other!

  5. I need a dog nao.

    Stairs are unreal and brilliant, props.

  6. I love how you guys treat him like you would any other part of your family. I know some people would disagree, but I think that's so important.

    You have a very beautiful family, all of you.